In the UK as soon as the sun comes out, we Brits like to fire up the Barbecue. My clients in Hampshire love the BBQ season, late nights entertaining and friends around socialising. The BBQ at the heart of the event, but not all BBQ’s are the same. Do you get one fuelled by charcoal or Gas? Each has its own pros and cons but it’s going to be a personal choice as to which you prefer.

Patio Gas cylinders and refills delivered in Hampshire | Solent Calor Gas

Please Note:
New cylinders (those for which you have no suitable exchange) are subject to a £39.99 and £59.99 hire charge known as the cylinder refill agreement

Why Choose to BBQ with Gas

Pros of Gas BBQ

  • Ready Quicker – 10mins to warm up and you’re ready to go.
  • Controllable – gas heat remains constant, and can be turned down when you want, giving you confidence the food is properly cooked
  • Easy cleaning – gas BBQs have no hot, dirty ashes to clean, the drip trays collect the mess. Turn the heat up for 10 minutes to burn off any juices, and scrape off with a wire brush.
  • Cost-effective fuel – One Calor gas cylinder provides enough fuel for up to 8 hours at maximum setting.

Cons of Gas BBQ

  • Expense – Although the initial purchase of Gas Barbecue can be more expensive than a charcoal one, but with a little bit of TLC, the BBQ will last for a long time.

At Solent Calor Gas we can provide you with 6kg Calor Barbecue Gas cylinders/bottles, all with free delivery to Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton, Eastleigh, Havant, Cosham, Waterlooville and Winchester.

Last-minute Barbecue plans, running out of gas?

Don’t worry give us a call, where possible we offer Free same and next day delivery.

Don't run out of bottled gas for your BBQ | Solent Calor Gas

BBQ Check List

A Week Before

  1. Check the weather / create a
  2. bad weather plan
  3. Send some invites
  4. Make a shopping list?
  5. Do you have any vegetarians?
  6. Check your gas cylinder level and order a refill if needed.
  7. Check your BBQ is clean
  8. Do you need a patio heater or Gas for the heater?

The Day Before

  1. Go shopping get the meats, side dishes and drinks.
  2. Store food appropriately, keep raw meat apart from other food.
  3. If you’re using your own cutlery and plates make sure they’re clean.
  4. Marinate food
  5. Checked tools and barbecue
  6. Check the weather

The Day of the BBQ

  1. Check the weather
  2. Prepared salads and sides
  3. Arranged chairs, heater and lighting
  4. Drinks and music ready
  5. Fire up the BBQ
  6. Enjoy Yourself!!!
Next day delievery for Patio Gas cylinders and refills | Solent Calor Gas

Don’t Forget!

The UK weather may not be the most reliable, but you can keep your Barbecue going on long into the night with a patio heater, but guess what? So make sure you’ve got enough patio gas so your guests are kept all snuggly. Free delivery in Hampshire