5Kg Patio Gas Cylinder & Refill


Patio Gas Heaters come ready to use the new Patio Gas cylinders.wIth the new 27 mm easy to fit clip-on regulator. Calor Patio Gas cylinders are also fitted with Calor’s new Gas Trac gauge letting you know how much gas is left in the cylinder. Subject to a cylinder refill agreement charge if no patio gas cylinder is available for exchange.   5Kg





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Calor 5kg propane Patio Gas cylinder. This gas cylinder uses the new clip on 27mm easy-fit regulator fitting most new outdoor appliances. As well as being fitted with a gas Trac – indicator gauge, allowing you to see how much gas you have left in the cylinder.

Please Note:

New cylinders (those for which you have no suitable exchange) are subject to a hire charge known as the cylinder refill agreement.






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Weight5 kg
Cylinder Bottle

5kg Patio Gas with cylinder refill, 5kg Patio Gas with new cylinder